International certificates

Benefits & Advantages


The value of certifying your training materials

International Distinction

  • International recognition for your training program or materials
  • Right to use the LITC hallmark
  • Official International Certificate
  • Promotion of your training materials via our global campaigns and websites
  • Globally brand or re-brand your training programs with LITC certification

Intensive quality checks on:

  • Suitability and relevance of package training objectives.
  • Usage of appropriate training activities.
  • Program evaluation methods & tools.
  • Availability and quality of trainer’s manual.
  • Availability and quality of trainee’s manual.
  • Adequacy of supportive multimedia.

Our certification process is a guarantee to:

  • Attract more international clients.
  • Maintain and increase the quality of a training program
  • Focus on fact-finding & learning
  • Provide honest and objective feedback.
  • Secure a good level of involvement of the staff, management, and trainers.